About the Millers



We started doing stained glass as a hobby after our daughter took a class in 4H over 35 years ago. This quickly turned into a business. We then taught ourselves to do sandblasted designs on glass. About 2000 we decided to try sandblasting on slate and loved the result. We sold the glass business but the two of us continue to create custom sandblasted stones. We make stepping stones as well as pet memorial stones.

We love creating stones that remind our customers of those who hold a special place in their hearts - family, friends, and furry companions.


Can you add my logo to the stone?


A lot of people want to include a logo in their gift stone, but we have found that it decreases the value of the gift and makes it less likely that the client will appreciate it or display it in their home. Trust us, when you present your client with a stone that is just for them, they won't forget you! If you must, tape your business card to the back.


I'm sending this stone to someone out of the area, can you include a note?


Absolutely! Send us what you'd like the note to say and we'll include it with your stone.

What are your delivery options?

All of our stones are sent via FedEx. Some of our customers who live in the Sacramento area like to pick up the stones themselves to save on shipping (about $30 per stone.) If you would like to pick up your order at our shop in El Dorado Hills, check the box in the order page that says "pick up at the shop."

Can I make changes to my order?

If it's within 24 hours, you're safe to submit changes by email. After 24 hours it's likely that we've already got your stone underway, but you are welcome to call us anyway to see if changes can still be made. We aim to please!



Can I still get the realtor discount if I'm buying a stone for myself?


You sure can!


What is your returns policy?

The most common reason for a return is that people misspell the last name on their order form. For that reason, we encourage everyone to double-check their spelling when submitting an order! We do not offer "do-overs" for stones that were ordered incorrectly.

If a stone is damaged in shipping, or if the design does not match your order, we will replace it  as soon as possible, free of charge.


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